Winter League - Current Year Scoreboards

Rules & CondiTions

The singles league will be calculated from each players best scores in 50% of the competition rounds, plus 1 round. All players will be automatically entered into the singles league. For the doubles league players must nominate their partners on the entry sheet provided in the Golf Shop. It is important that this is done before the league commences.

For 2015/16 until advised further, the Doubles league, each pair's score will be calculated by using the combination of their best individual scores in 50% of the rounds played, plus 1 round. There is no longer a requirement for the pair’s scores to occur on the same weekend.

Past Winners :   

             Singles                  Doubles

2016/17    K.O'Connor                    A.Rice & N.Fisher

2015/16     J.Devereax                       M.O'Toole & P.Carthy

2014/15     J.Keely                             B.Sweeney & D.Reid

2013/14     A.Rice                              A.Rice & N.Fisher

2012/13     B.Daly                              T.Galvin & B.Turner

2011/12     J.McCarron                       J.MCarron & B.Daly

2010/11     C.Kinnerk                         C.Kinnererk & G.Edwards

2009/10      P.N.Whelan                     P.N.Whelan & P.Daly

2008/09      M.Curran                         J.MCarron & B.Daly

2007/08      P.Plunklet                         P.Plunket & T.Glavin

2006/07      P.Daly

2005/06     A.Rice

2004/05     J.Devereux

2003/04     P.Byrne

2002/03    J.Lambe