Week 9: Leaders Gross: 32 Mick Curran & Brendan Daly : Net: 26.0 Lady Capt. Catherine Curley & Pat McCarton

Check-in for the Wednesday Scramble went smoothly in the new location at the Gate Lodge this evening. Despite some of the regular Scramblers being in Spain and others at the Galway Races and other exotic holiday places more than 30 golfers could be seen heading to the first tee between 4 and 6pm.

Brendan Daly and Mick Curran are leading the Best Gross event with a 32 and tonight Brendan tried to surpass this with a different partner - Denis Mahon. But they could only get to 33. A good score but Brendan's quest for the 'perfect golfing partner' continues. 

Greg and Rebecca Edwards have been striving and coming close to getting into the prizes for a number of weeks. Tonight Rebecca switched partners from Dad to Mum Carol and with a good score of 28.6 Rebecca and Carol Edwards took second place.

The winners were a brand new pairing - matched up at check-in this evening - with a great score of 27.4 were Pearse Daly and Michael Higgins.

Congratulations to the prizewinners.  

Same time, same place next week.


Ann & John Horan