Final 2017: Champions: Gross 30 - Mick Curran & Brendan Daly Net: 26.0 Lady Capt.Catherine Curley & Pat McCarton

The Summer is officially over - and the Summer Social Scrambles are over for 2017. We had a great turnout of 60 golfers this evening for the last of the Social Scrambles. Incidentally, the average number taking part each week has been more than 37 - great numbers for 9 holes on a Wednesday evening!

The celebrations and presentations afterwards (including some extra 'last night' prizes for those present) were again in the Members' Bar - and we were treated to finger food generously supplied by Resort General Manager John O'Grady. Our thanks go to him and to Derek, Tony and Sean tonight and all the Bar and Restaurant staff who looked after us so well during the Summer. Special thanks also go to David Brady and his crew for the excellent presentation of the course throughout the Summer and  to Davy and Norma in the Golf Shop for all their help.  

On a personal note Ann and I say thank you to the Members for the lovely gift presented to us this evening by Captain Mark and Lady Captain Catherine. It is very much appreciated. 

This evening the Gents Club Committee also presented a number of their outstanding prizes from previous weekly competitions. Congratulations to all the prize winners.

An undoubted highlight of the 2017 scrambles was a Hole in One on the 19th of July by Andy Doran. He 'aced' the 6th and shortly afterwards I was approached by Con Matthews who will be known to many of you as one of our excellent greenkeepers. Con has another talent as an artist and some time ago he had painted the view from the 6th tee towards the green. He very generously offered this work of art to be presented to Andy and with a suitable inscription added it was duly presented to Andy tonight by Captain Mark. 

And so to tonight's results:

We had 3 pairs tied on 28.4 and following a detailed Countback in third place tonight were  Rosaleen Prescott and Richie Sweetman. In second place were  Mary and John Curley. The first prize was won by Martin Cummins and Vinny Moran.

Well done to all of them.

In the past 12 weeks we had no less than 22 different 'pairs' winning the 1st and 2nd prizes and the average winning score was 27.2. Great golf by a good spread of golfers.

An interesting statistic is that this year's average winning score is 0.4 higher than last year! What does that tell us? 

The Best Nett for 2017 was achieved early on in the summer on 5 July by Lady Captain Catherine Curley and Pat McCartan with a super score of 26.0. They are the overall winners in the Net Scramblers of the Year competition. Congratulations to them. 

For the past 4 years the Best Gross winning scores have all been 30. For 2017 the Gross Scramblers of the Year competition was again won with a score of 30. Brendan Daly and Mick Curran registered this great score of 1 eagle, 4 birdies and 4 pars on 9 August. Mick and Brendan won last year's competition and have now successfully 'defended their title'. They are this year's Gross Scramblers winners. Fantastic scoring lads. 

Thanks to everyone who took part over the summer - we hope you enjoyed the golf and the camaraderie.


  John & Ann Horan

Week 13: Leaders: Gross 30 Mick Curran & Brendan Daly: Net: Lady Capt Catherine Curley & Pat McCarton

Fifty members took part in this evening's scramble with a good turn out afterwards in the Members Bar.

Before the presentation announcements we took a few moments to remember our former club member Peter Byrne who passed away recently. May he Rest In Peace.. 

In 2nd place tonight with a score of 27.0 were Brian Walsh and John Hudson and the winners were Padraig and Olive Whelan with a score of 26.6. Congratulations to them.

So with one more scramble to go the best Nett Score for the Summer so far was 26.0 recorded by Lady Captain Catherine Curley and Pat McCartan on 5 July. The best Gross Score has been 30 by Brendan Daly and Mick Curran on 9 August. These are now the targets to be aimed at for the final event next Wednesday. 

We are pleased to say that in keeping with previous years Resort General Manager, John O'Grady, will provide finger food for the golfers in the Members Bar afterwards. Thanks John.

Captain Mark Reilly and Committee Members will also avail of the opportunity to present some outstanding prizes from previous weekly Saturday/Sunday club competitions.

As this is the final event there could be a good turn out so if you can at all we would urge you to come along and tee off in the quieter hour between 4 and 5 pm. See you then.


Ann and John Horan

Week 12: Leaders remain: Gross 30 Brendan Daly & Mick Curran: Net 26.0 Lady Capt Catherine Curley & Pat McCarton

A slightly smaller than usual field of golfers took part in this evening's scramble. The rain falling between 2 and 4 probably deterred a few, but thankfully it cleared away for the duration of the golf. In any event, what was lacking in quantity was more than compensated for by the quality of the golf.

More than half of the 'pairs' recorded Gross scores of level par 36 or better! No mean feat around Tulfarris across a wide range of handicaps.

Denis Mahon and Paul Murphy had a good Gross of 33 and a good Nett of 28.8 to take second place.

Mary and John Curley also had a Gross 33 and a great Nett of 26.6 to win tonight.

Well done to the prizewinners.

Tom O'Shea 'scrutinised' the cards as usual and we send congratulations and best wishes to Tom and Kay as they celebrate their 49th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow.

Same time next week for the penultimate social scramble for Summer 2017.

Ann and John Horan 

Week 10: Leaders Gross: 30 Brendan Daly & Mick Curran: Net: 26.0 Lady Capt Catherine Curley & Pat MCarton

Dear Member

Close to 40 Scramblers took to the fairways this evening in glorious golfing conditions - and the scoring was 'hot' also.

As I partnered up with Enda Daly in the last 'fourball' Tom O'Shea , who was in earlier, did his usual expert job of scrutineer on the scorecards. Thanks Tom.

When I finished Tom had John and Mary Curley in the prizes with a good score of 28.6 but they were squeezed out at the last minute. So hard luck to them but we still got the opportunity to mark John's birthday with a slice of cake and a candle. Happy birthday John

Two other guys were celebrating tonight also. You may recall how last week I referred to Brendan Daly's quest to find the perfect golfing partner. That search may have been settled this evening as he renewed his partnership with Mick Curran. They scored the Best Gross of 32 a couple of weeks ago and tonight they had a 2, four 3s and four 4s for a fantastic round of 6 under par - 30. That will take some beating in the remaining three Scrambles for this summer. Well done Brendan and Mick.

This gave them a Net score of 28.2 and second place this evening.

The winners tonight were in the last fourball to come in - and it wasn't Enda and John!. Joe Piggott and Declan Byrne had a super score of 27.4. Congratulations to them.

Same time next week.

Regards,     Ann & John Horan  

Week 9: Leaders Gross: 32 Mick Curran & Brendan Daly : Net: 26.0 Lady Capt. Catherine Curley & Pat McCarton

Check-in for the Wednesday Scramble went smoothly in the new location at the Gate Lodge this evening. Despite some of the regular Scramblers being in Spain and others at the Galway Races and other exotic holiday places more than 30 golfers could be seen heading to the first tee between 4 and 6pm.

Brendan Daly and Mick Curran are leading the Best Gross event with a 32 and tonight Brendan tried to surpass this with a different partner - Denis Mahon. But they could only get to 33. A good score but Brendan's quest for the 'perfect golfing partner' continues. 

Greg and Rebecca Edwards have been striving and coming close to getting into the prizes for a number of weeks. Tonight Rebecca switched partners from Dad to Mum Carol and with a good score of 28.6 Rebecca and Carol Edwards took second place.

The winners were a brand new pairing - matched up at check-in this evening - with a great score of 27.4 were Pearse Daly and Michael Higgins.

Congratulations to the prizewinners.  

Same time, same place next week.


Ann & John Horan

Week 8: Leading Gross: 32-Mick Curran & Brendan Daly: Leading Net: 26.0 Lady Capt Catherine Curley & Pat McCarton

Thirty golfers set out in this weeks Wednesday Scramble in good golfing conditions. A sudden squally wind arrived mid-round however accompanied by a nasty downpour and some thunder and lightning.

Despite these tough conditions some good scores were recorded.

In second place with a Nett score of 28.6 were Myles Burke and John Daly.

The winners with a score of 28.0 were Mags and Kieron Ryan.

Well done to all of them.

On the Best Gross front you may recall that James McCarron and Denis Mahon set the target at 32 on 5 July. This was followed a week later with another 32 from Niall Robinson and Charlie Magee but on countback James and Denis still held the lead. Until tonight! Another 32 - with a birdie, birdie, birdie finish from Mick Curran and Brendan Daly puts them now into 'pole' position. Good shooting lads. 

Is there better than 32 out there yet?

So same time next week BUT different place. Resort General Manager, John O'Grady, expects that Golf Check-in will then be in the Lodge House adjacent to the practice putting green.

See you then.

Ann and John Horan

Week 7: Season Leaders: Gross: 32 Denis Mahon & James McCarron : Net: 26.0 Lady Capt Catherin Curley & Pat McCarton

Given the deluge that this evening's almost 40 golfers had to endure the word "Summer" in the title above seems like a misnomer.


Nevertheless we had a few Gross scores of 34 and Pearse Daly and Eoin Curley had a great round of 33 in atrocious conditions, just one short of the leading Best Gross for 2017 of 32. Well done lads.


In 2nd place were Ciaran Malone and Seamus Breen (who is not long back from his warm weather training in the USA) with a Nett score of 28.2.


The winners were Jerry and Sean Lambe (who is going off now for his warm weather training in Spain) with a great score in the conditions of 27.4.

Congratulations to the prizewinners.

Huge congratulations also go to Andy Doran who has been playing golf for more than 30 years. He had his first Hole in One tonight. It came in the rain tonight
n the 6th with a sweetly hit 5 wood which was witnessed by John Finnegan. Maureen and Audrey were on the Ladies tee and wondered why they could only see one ball on the green! In 17 years of these Social Scrambles this is only the third 'Ace'. Well done Andy.

Finally, tonight saw the handing over of the Club's latest Interclub Pennant. John Horan, on behalf of the team of Mary and John Curley, Rosaleen Prescott and Noel Reilly, Miriam and Jerry Solan and Ann and John Horan, presented the Donadea Trophy Runners Up Pennant to Captain Mark Reilly who congratulated all involved and promptly hung the Pennant alongside the Clubs two other winning Pennants from the South Leinster and Brennan Cup.

Next week is Tulfarris Open Week but the Social Scramble goes ahead as usual teeing off between 4 and 6pm on Wednesday.

Week 6: Leaders :Gross - Denis Mahon & James McCarron 32 Net: Lady Capt. Catherine Curley & Pat McCarton

Dear Member

Over 40 golfers took to the fairways in ideal golfing conditions for this evening's Scramble.

The scoring reflected the good conditions and both the Best Gross and the Best Nett for the year so far were challenged.

James McCarron and Denis Mahon set a Gross target of 32 last week and this evening Niall Robinson and Charlie Magee matched it. On countback however James and Denis still hold the lead. There was some consolation for Niall and Charlie as they claimed second place tonight with their Nett score of 27.0.

The Best Nett up to tonight was 26.0 by Lady Captain Catherine Curley and Pat McCartan. The winners this evening came close - but not quite close enough - with a score of 26.2 - well done to Joe Piggott and Declan Byrne. 

Finally we send good wishes to Enda and Lenny and their South Leinster team for their quarter-final match v Royal Curragh on Saturday afternoon.


Ann and John Horan

Week 5: Seasons Leaders Gross: James McCarron & Denis Mahon 32 : Net - Lady Capt. Catherine Curly & Pat McCarton 26.0

It was a very pleasant evening for golf in Tulfarris with more than 50 members taking part in the 2 Person 9 Hole Social Scramble.

There were many good scores - 13 pairs had less than 30 Nett points!

The Best Gross for the year so far was held by Jerry and Ciaran Lambe with a score of 33. This was passed out tonight by James McCarron and Denis Mahon with a great 4 under par 32. Well done lads. This also got them a good Nett score of 28.0.

There was another 28.0 however and on countback in second place tonight were Frances and Sean Lambe. Well done to them - the 'bragging rights' in the Lambe household just took a shift! 

The Best Nett up to this evening was 27.2 by Kieran Malone and Vinny Moran. The winners tonight have now taken the lead and set a tough target for the rest of the Summer with a really great score of 26.0. Congratulations to Lady Captain Catherine Curley and Pat McCartan. 

Week 4: Season Leaders: Gross: 33 C&J Lambe : Net 27.2 K.Malone & V.Moran

This weeks event:  Despite quite unpleasant weather up to 5pm this evening the Scramble went ahead and the rain dispersed then to leave a pleasant evening for golf.

Denis Mahon and James McCarron put in a good effort to catch the Best Gross so far but with a 34 came up just one short!

Close behind on the Gross front with a 35 and in second place tonight with a Nett score of 28.8 were John and Alan Britton. 

The winners with a good score of 28.6 were another father and son combination, President Les and Scott Broderick.


Wk 3: Season Leaders: Gross: 33 C&J Lambe : Net 27.2 K.Malone & V.Moran

We had a 'first' this evening for the Summer Social Scrambles. In all the years since these started in 2001 we have never before teed off with a Met Eireann 'HEAT WARNING' in place!

And to match the weather there was some 'hot' scoring also. In second place with a good score of 28.2 were Audrey and John Finnegan,

On the Best Gross front Denis Mahon and James McCarron had a 33 to take the lead - only to then be pipped at the post on countback by another 33 from Ciaran and Jerry Lambe who were the winners tonight with a great Net score of 27.4.

Congratulations to the prize winners.

Incidentally, tonight's results might augur well for the Club's remaining Interclub outings with prizewinners scheduled to play on the teams. First up will be Ciaran Lambe playing away in Dunmurry Springs on Saturday afternoon in the South Leinster competition. Then on next Thursday Audrey Finnegan will be playing for the Ladies Club team in their quarter-final match against Carrick-on-Suir in Carlow. Best wishes to them and to the two teams.      

Next Scramble at the same time (4 to 6pm) next Wednesday.


Wk 2

The first of the 2017 Summer Social Scrambles teed off this evening with 42 golfers out in pleasant golfing weather.

The best gross score was a solid 34 from Gerry and Jack Solan. This now becomes the target to beat for the overall Best Gross for 2017. Given that 30 has been the winning score for each of the past 4 years there is still some likely room for improvement from the club's 'big hitters' in coming weeks. 

In second place (with another solid gross of 36) and a net score of 27.8 were another father and son combination - President Les and Scott Broderick. 

The winners this evening with (a gross of 35) and a really good net score of 27.2 were Kieran Malone and Vinny Moran.  This now becomes the target for the Best Net for 2017.

Congratulations to this evening's prize winners and we look forward now to each Wednesday evening's scrambles through to the end of August. 


Ann and John Horan

The Summer Social Scrambles for Tulfarris Members will be starting soon. With an "Irish" twist these Wednesday Scrambles will start this year on a Thursday - June 8th. From then on they will revert to Wednesday evenings from June 14th through to August 30th.

The Scrambles will tee off each evening between 4 and 6pm. As always we would encourage as many members as possible to come along in the first hour to avoid a 'rush' at the end. The format will be Two Person (any combination) 9 Hole Scramble Gross Strokes reduced by one-fifth of the team's combined handicap. The golf will be followed by the presentation of prizes - and whatever you're having yourself - in the Members Bar.

So, on Thursday June 8th all you need to do is turn up at the Golf Shop with your €2 entry fee between 4 and 6pm. If you have a partner arranged in advance that will be fine. For those who are flying 'solo' we will do our best to arrange a partner for you on the evening.

Looking forward to seeing as many members as possible on Thursday June 8th and on subsequent Wednesday evenings during the Summer.


Ann and John Horan