Correct Procedure for NR’s

 1.     Player has a bad score on a hole but fills in his score on all subsequent holes and enters same on the computer. This is the correct procedure and results in .1 back.

2.     Player has a bad score on a hole and enters NR for every hole after that. This is incorrect and should not result in.1 back

3.     Players walking in off the course mid round for various reasons and putting card in the box but not entering scores in the computer. This is incorrect and should not result in .1 back unless a valid reason is given

  In simple terms record your score on every hole even after a NR on a hole. And No Mater what enter your score in the computer  


Handicaps Players Resposibilities

 Each Member must Provide to his Home Club information regarding scores in Non Qualifying Competitions if so directed by a Union – see Clause 4.5(b)

In Ireland, players and clubs must report to Home Clubs:

(a)    All Qualifying Scores together with the relevant Competition Scratch Score.

(b)   All Non-Qualifying Scores from Team and Society Golf played over a course for which the Union has allotted a Standard Scratch Score together with notification of the relevant SSS.

Players should be aware of the significance of the Stableford/Nett Double Bogey Adjustment. This adjustment allows a player who has a ‘bad’ score on a hole(s) or does not complete a hole(s), for any reason, to continue to record a score on subsequent holes for handicap purposes. This sustains the golfing interest and at the same time provides valuable handicap information. See Clause 19.

Derek Yeates 

Handicap secretary

On behalf of Tulfarris Golf club's Handicap commitee 2019