Newsletter December 21st 2011

Dear Members,

Time Sheets

The Committee has asked me to remind Members of the "etiquette" involved in entering on the weekly timesheet - and more importantly perhaps on changes to it. The online booking system has proven to be very useful for our Members but it is open to "abuse". This for example can take the form of Members entering the competition and then at the last minute withdrawing their name leaving other Members who might have wished to get on the timesheet at that time unable to do so. It also can leave their playing partners in a two-ball or occasionally on their own. We have also had some incidences of Members switching from one time to another on the day without due consideration to their fellow Members on the line they were on. We would ask Members to give full consideration to other Members in these regards.

Arising from the Committee's discussion on these matters it has been decided that on a trial basis for the months of January and February each line will be changed from 3 to 4 persons. We realise that this may be slightly slower but this should not be a major difficulty as we are only playing 14 holes. This will also facilitate more people getting on the timesheet at their preferred time in the restricted earlier tee-times in these Winter months.

Golf Academy

Those of you who have been in Tulfarris recently will have seen that major works are underway in the "practice range" area. Discussions have taken place on site between Resort Management, Site Contractors, PGA Professional Thomas O'Neill and myself on the development of driving bays and other matters for the new Golf Academy and it is anticipated that these will be in place early in 2012. We look forward to this very positive development for the overall golfing experience at Tulfarris.

Seasonal Greetings

On behalf of the Captain and the Committee I send best wishes for a happy Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year to all Tulfarris Members and Staff and also to their families.

Yours in golf,

John Horan