Newsletter September 18th 2009

Dear Members,

Following this week's Committee Meeting I have been asked to bring a number of matters to your attention.

Annual General Meeting

A date for your diary - the AGM of the Club will be held at 1.00 p.m. on Sunday 22 November 2009. Full details will be circulated closer to the date. Golf on that day will have a "Shotgun" start at 9.30 a.m. 

Brennan Cup Celebrations

The Brennan Cup Celebrations which are being kindly hosted by General Manager John Cafftey and which had been scheduled for Sunday 27 September have been postponed to Sunday 22 November. This change arises because of the absence of some of the key people involved on Sunday week. The finger food and wine reception will follow the AGM.

Captains Charity Day

Billy Reilly's Charity Day (Proceeds go local charities) takes place in Tulfarris on Saturday 26 September 2009. There are still some lines available on the timesheet so please give the Proshop a call on 045 867609. This event us open to Members and non Members and is a 4 person team scramble. The entry fee is €160 per team.

Greens Committee

The Club's Greens Committee met Management this week and a range of course related matters were discussed. A positive response was received to the suggestions which we have made. Some items will require significant expenditure and it remains to be seen whether the necessary funding will be forthcoming for the works involved.

On a smalller scale - but equally important - I have been asked to remind Members about the basic items such as repairing your pitch marks (when you are at it why don't you do one more); replace your divots; and rake bunkers (leave them as you would like to find them yourself).

Moira Lewis RIP

Frank Lewis has asked me to convey his gratitude to those members who attended the Funeral of his late wife Moira. Frank and his daughters greatly appreciated their presence. On behalf of all the Members we send our condolences to them on their sad loss.

Local Rule

A new Local Rule has been adopted as follows:

Water Hazards

A provisional ball may be played for a ball which may be in a water hazard where it would be impracticable to determine whether the ball is in the hazard or to do so would unduly delay play. In such case, if a provisional ball is played and the original ball is in a water hazard, the player may play the original ball as it lies or continue the provisional ball in play, but he may not proceed under rule 26.1.

Or in plain English for example, if you hit your ball across the water on a hole such as the 17th and you are not sure if it cleared the water, you may hit a provisional ball on to the green and if you go around the lake and find your original ball in a playable position inside or outside the hazard line you can continue to play your original ball and ignore the provisional ball.

Of course it would be easier all round to stay out of the hazards in the first place! We can always dream!

Regards in golf,

John Horan,

Hon. Secretary