Newsletter January 20th 2012

Dear Members,

Following our Committee Meeting this week I have been asked to bring the following matters to your attention.

The fixture list for 2012 is now on the website and we will be endeavouring to adhere to this as closely as possible. In previous years we have had to make the odd adjustment to the planned programme to facilitate matters such as the Club's involvement in interclub competitions. I suppose it wouldn't be a bad complaint if we were to progress in these events in 2012 to the point where we had to adjust our own Club calendar to suit. Check the dates out at

Speaking of interclub competitions, Noel Reilly tells us that he will have details of various competitions on the Notice Board in coming weeks and Members are invited to indicate their interest in any particular one by adding their names to the sheets which will be provided.

Noel and Paul Fitzpatrick have provided us with a list of the Members who have agreed to act as Team Managers for 2012 as follows and you can of course make your interest known directly to these people:
Barton Cup and Garden County Trophy  Noel A Kelly
Pierse Purcell                                            Kieron Ryan
South Leinster                                           Frank Lewis
Leinster Fourball                                       Tom O'Shea
Brennan Cup                                             Joe Gardner
Lisheen Cup                                              Noel Kelly
Provincial Towns                                       Ciaran Curley
Jimmy Bruen                                            Greg Edwards

Our thanks to Noel and Paul and all the team managers and best wishes to them in their endeavours on behalf of the Club. 

Competition Secretary, Les Broderick will be posting notices about our own internal matchplay competitions and again sheets will be provided for individuals and pairings to enter the singles and doubles competitions. It is hoped to do the draw before the Captains Drive In on 11 March and the various "cut off" dates for each round will be published then. As agreed at the AGM these dates will be strictly adhered to in 2012.

Again following discussion at the AGM the Committee has decided to change the points system for the 2012 Golfer of the Year (GOY) competition. Points will be awarded on the following basis for all GOY events. 20, 16, 13, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6,5,4,3 points will be awarded for the top twelve players. Each of the other participants from 13th onwards will get 1 point. An exception to this will be the Captains Prize competition where the top twelve players will get double points - 40, 32, and so on down to 6 points for 12th place. 

Committee Members will act as "Starters" each Sunday from 8 a.m. to 9.30 a.m. and will be available as a point of contact for Members at that time each week. This will facilitate the collection by Members of outstanding prizes and "twos" money. With the introduction from 1 March of the annual competition levy there will be no need for the usual €10 entry fee element of signing in. 

Resort General Manager Mark Howell is working on new Strokesavers (which will include our new indices and so on which will come into effect in the new golfing season in March). He tells me that there will be opportunities to advertise in this publication and any Member wishing to do so should give Mark a call at 045 867609 or email

Finally, for all the romantics out there the Valentine Scramble takes place on Sunday 12 February. You can enter in the normal way.


John Horan,

Hon Secretary