Newsletter April 16th 2010

Dear Members,

Weekend Competitions

Tomorrow and Sunday sees the start of our "Weekend" competitions. This will not apply to any Golfer of the Year (GOY) events.

Accordingly, it is possible for members to play on either Saturday or Sunday mornings during Members Competitions Times. The timesheet is in the Golf Shop as usual.

It will not be possible to have "Starters" on site on both days so a new procedure for signing in, making your payment and entering the Competition has been established as follows:

1. Arrive giving plenty of time to check in and reach your tee time as a courtesy to your playing partners

2 Check-in your card or membership number on the Computer as usual - numbers available in white book below printer

3 Tick your name off on the timesheet

4 Fill out the envelope provided with the details required

5 Place entry fee of €10 in envelope and seal envelope and place in the new safe (not in score card box)

6 On completion of your round enter your score as normal on the Computer

7 Make sure to place your score card in the normal score card box (not the safe).

Vs Par

This format may not be familiar to everyone so I will try to explain it as best I can.

The scoring is made as you do in Matchplay except that on this occasion your opponent is the Course. You must try and match (a half) or beat (a win or a plus) "your par" for each hole. For example, the par for an 18 handicapper is 1 shot over the standard par for each hole as shown on the printed score card.

On your score card your marker should record your gross number of strokes for each hole where you make a score equal to or less than "your par" for that hole.If your score is worse than "your par" for that hole you can pick up and move on. This is similar to "scratching" the hole in stableford and will represent a loss of hole (or a minus) as in Matchplay.

The winner of the Competition will be the Golfer who has the highest aggregate of pluses over minuses

Ground Under Repair

With the improvement in underfoot conditions it has been possible to commence the major drainage programme on the Course. The net result of this work will be obvious as you make your way around the Course. Given the extent of the new drains, and the inevitable machinery tracks, it is simply not practical to mark all these areas as Ground Under Repair.

However in accordance with Rule 33.2, on behalf of the Committee such areas are deemed to be "Ground Under Repair" for the foreseeable future.

New Membership Cards

As you may have heard the GUI has a new sponsor and accordingly are re-issuing Membership cards for everyone.These will be available from the first week in May and more details will be given to you at that time. Members payments of Social Levies will be "loaded" or "credited" onto their cards when they are being issued.

May Bank Holiday Weekend Opens

Open Days will be held on Sunday 2 May and Monday 3 May and again this is a good opportunity to show off our Course. Time sheets are available in the Golf Shop and the entry fee for members is €10 and for visitors is €25.

Enjoy your weekend golf and I hope the ASH gives us a wide berth.

Yours in golf,

John Horan,

Hon Secretary