Newsletter May 6th 2012

Dear Members,

Good news this evening on the Interclub front.

Tulfarris has just won their first match in the 2012 South Leinster campaign with a 4/1 victory over Rosslare. 

Tulfarris had home advantage with Paul Reid, Les Broderick and John McCarthy playing in Tulfarris and Darren Ash and Frank Lewis (Player/Manager) flew the flag for the Club in Rosslare.

John Britton was in Rosslare to lend his support also and he tells me that it brings back good memories of the Club's winning of this Trophy in 2008. There is a long way to go this year but as they say "a good start is half the work". So well done to Frank and his team and indeed to all the panel members who may yet be called into action in further rounds of the competition. The next outing will be against either Tullamore or The Heritage.

Also on the Interclub front is news of a brand new competition to be played annually from here on against our neighbours in Blessington Lakes Golf Club. Earlier this week the Captain Niall Robinson and myself met with our Blessington Lakes counterparts to discuss this new venture. 

Blessington Lakes will host the inaugural match in 2012 and Tulfarris will host the match in 2013, with each club hosting the match in alternate years. The first match has been fixed for the 15th September 2012. The format agreed on is fourball better ball matchplay with 7 pairings making up each team. Pairings will be categorised as follows: 2 parings from Cat 1 Handicaps 0-11, 2 pairings from Cat 2 12-18, 2 pairings from Cat 3 19-28,  1 pairing made up of the Captain and Vice Captain of each club and should either be not available the Captain will nominate a suitable replacement. 

The handicap held on the Monday before the match will be the handicap to qualify the player for his category however the payer will play off his current handicap on the day. Scoring will be matchplay. The lowest handicap in the fourball will go to scratch and concede ¾ ‘s of the difference in handicap to the rest of the players in the fourball. There will be 3 points to play for in each match:  1 point for winning the front 9,  1 point for winning the back 9,   1 point for the overall result.

And now for the important part - how you get selected for the Tulfarris team. The top three players in each of the categories above on the Golfer of the Year table as at Monday 3 September will automatically qualify and the Captain will then have 3 "picks" - one from each of the handicap categories. So now you have an added incentive for doing well in the GOY events in the coming months!

The next one of these GOY events is the May Medal competition on Sunday 13 May and you can get in some practice for these in the Opens this weekend or in the Semi Open on Wednesday afternoon 9 May.

Finally, I am delighted to be able to tell you that the construction of the new Golf Academy Driving Bays commenced during the week and should be up and running in about ten days time.


John Horan, 

Hon Secretary