Newsletter April 23rd 2015

Dear Members,

Some mid-week updates:

April Medal:

The rescheduled medal takes place this weekend. With the net increase in overall membership now confirmed, we are progressing discussions on how to manage tee -times effectively going forward. We have made some adjustments to the lines this Sunday to facilitate all those wishing to play. Specifically from 10:10 the men's committee have moved from 3 to 4 balls and likewise the ladies have done similarly from 0930 to 1000. Should this fill up, we will look at alternative solutions.

Competition Closure:

The men's committee have made a decision to extend their eligible competition times on both Saturdays and Sundays to 1 pm. Golf played after this cut-off time will not be included in the weekend's competition.

18th hole drop zone:

Given course maintenance improvements to the 18th hole, input/recommendations from the GUI and due consideration by Committee, it has been decided to remove the 18th hole drop zone and the local rule pertaining to its use when a ball hit from the tee over the first right hand side fairway bunker is  presumed lost in the hazard.  This change will become effective this Saturday April 25th.  As is the case on other similar locations on the course, the normal rules of golf will apply with line of sight & flight used to determine the most reasonably accurate point of entry into the hazard.

Interclub news:

Niall Robinson and his Provincial Towns team play Coolattin at 3pm Saturday in Tulfarris & Coolattin. The Central Towns team kick-off their campaign against Palmerstown, with home games starting at 1430 Sunday. All support most welcome.

Cancellation/Booking etiquette:

There have been a couple of situations where members have been left stranded on a line due to late cancellations. In situations where a late cancellation is required, can members please make contact with the affected party so that a suitable arrangement can be made. Both Norma and myself have contact details for the membership.  Email alerts via the BRS system cannot be relied on as assurance that the affected member is aware.

In addition, especially with the increase in membership, please do not complete a tee time slot with 'guest' bookings unless there are guests playing or some other legitimate rationale exists. 

for New Members:

Just to reiterate what our handicap secretary has previously communicated, please use your CDH ID number to sign in to competitions or your first name initial followed by your surname. e.g. S Dore would be correct in my case not Shemus Dore.

Kind Regards

Shemus Dore, Hon Secretary