2019 Matchplay Draw Sheet / Table

         Singles                  Doubles             Mixed Foresomes


Singles - Future Proof Consttruction (Shay McGrath):

Doubles: -

Mixed Foursomes : Jerry Lambe                         

Rules & Conditions

1. Players on top of drawn must arrange match

2. Match MUST BE PLAYED before the completion date for the round, as indicated on the draw. 

Any matches not played by the deadline will be settled by coin toss unless there is sufficient evidence that one party  has not made themselves available to play during the specified time period. Vacation/unavailability due to work or injury in itself is not sufficient reason not to play a match within the specified time period. The Competition Secretary has sole discretion on deciding the outcome of any dispute or match.

 3:  In the circumstances where a match is not completed on the same day as it starts per consensus of all competitors, the following will apply, on the basis that the set deadline must be met.
The game will resume from the point at which play previously ceased. Handicaps will remain the same as in the initial match.
Should it be decided by consensus to replay the match starting from the 1st hole, the match will be replayed under current handicaps on that day. Any change to handicap must be declared prior to commencement.

5. Handicaps:
   - Singles - Full handicap difference
   - Doubles - Low man goes to scratch and balance of group is 90% of difference from low man
   - Mixed Foursomes - Half the difference of the combined team full handicap

6. All matches played from White Tees (Ladies to hit from Red tees) Men to hit off first on hole


Past Winners

       SIngles     Doubles                    Mixed

2018 T.Browne M.Curran & T.Browne Rebecca & Greg Edwards

2017 P.Carthy J.Field & G.Buckley Louise Lehane & Shemus Dore

2016 J.Field              P.Whelan & P.McCarton   Catherine & Eoin Curley

2015 J.Lambe           C.Curley & P.Dolan          Lindsay Maguire & Ciaran Curley

2014 D.Ash              S.Byrne & P.Reid               Ann & John Horan

2013 C.Curley          C.Curley & P.Dolan          

2012 L.Doyle            John & Pat Curley

2011 J.Hyland           S.Byrne & P.Reid

2010 K.Turner           C.Curley & P.Dolan

2009 A.Britton           P.Fitzpatrick & J.Staunton

2008 M.Curran          K.Higginn & S.O'Shea

2007 D.Georghegen   D.Georghegen&P.Dolan

2006 T.Falvey             B.Reilly & B.Walshe

2005 P.Dolan             P.Dolan & L.Husband

2004 S,May               N.Robinson & G.Edwards

2003 P.N.Whelan      J.O'Niell & R.Williams

2002 P.Crosby           J.O'Niell & R.Williams

2001 P.N.Whelan      J.O'Niell & R.Williams

2000 J.Lambe            J.Roche & P.Sherwin

1999 P.Crosby           J.Horan & J.Hall