Jim O'Neil & Frank Lewis

Tulfarris played Rathsallagh last Tuesday in the South Leinster Competition. The team was:

Away: Paul Lynam, Dave Byrne, John Devereux, Home: Paul Reid, Darren Ash, Kevin McDonald and Pat Mahon.

Team Managers Frank Lewis and Jim Byrne have sent me the following report.

"We played a fabulous match against Rathsallagh yesterday afternoon. The turnout and preparation of the players and caddies was impeccable. Also a huge thanks to the other panel members and supporters who turned out to support the team in any way they could. Unfortunately we were defeated but not without a fight!!! For those of you who couldn't make it I can tell you now - the finish couldn't have been closer. We had two 'kick ass' wins at home but were unfortunately unable to close out the other two necessary to get through to the next round. Three potential wins were taken to the 18th, one at home and two away....and we all know what its like to have to take that fateful putt of momentous consequences on the 18th.... Fingernail stuff to say the least. Nip and tuck all the way in most of the matches which literally could have gone either way. One match was called in at the end with Tulfarris one up. 
However it certainly was not all in vein. The coaching sessions, practice etc has improved the standard of every participants game. To the team who played on the day- if your handicap is still eligible we would certainly look forward to working with you again next year however we have a funny feeling some of you will be playing in the Barton Cup instead!!! 
Thanks again to all those who participated".