2019 South Leinster

Manager: Enda Daly assisted by George Cheung

Quarter Final V S Wicklow August 11th ( 4 at Tufarris 3 away)

The South Leinster team produced a magnificent; high quality team performance to overcome a strong Wicklow team.

Three home wins provided a solid fountain, which were capitalised on with 2 away wins.

Management were delighted with the dedictation & preparation of the panel & hope this continues as we get set for Carlow.

Tulfarris GC was represented by Alan Rice, Brian Walsh, Kevin Barber Michael Lysaght, Ian O'Shaughnessy, Derek Yeates & Tom McIntyre

Management George & Enda want to congratulate the entire panel & give thanks all the supporters.

See ye for the semi in Carlow on Sept 14th

Rnd 2 : Tulfarris defeated Borris 5-2

An impressive win to advance to reach the Quarter final stage. With 4 matches teid entering the back back nine, the players dug dee & plyed some magnificant golf winning 4 of the first 5 matches. The panel is now looking forward Wicklow GC with confidence.

Representing us on the day were Alan Rice, Michael Lysaght, Tom McIntyre, Ian O’Shaughnessy, Kevin Barbe, Brian Walsh & Brian Foran. Enda & George were congratualtory of the whole panel & expressed thanks to supporters also on the day.

Rnd 1 : Tulfarris defeated Royal Curragh 4 -3

Conceding home advange to the strong Royal Curragh Club the victory went all the way with Tom McIntyre securing the win on the 19th hole late in the evening at Tulfarris. Follwing Brian Foran’s great win away on the 18th, Alan Rice wining on the 18th at Tulfarris, Brian Walsh with an incrediby strong win away on the on the 19th after being 3 down with 3 to play set the stage for Tom’s fighting win in the last match.

Representing the club were away : Brian Foran, Mick O’Toole, Brian Walsh & Gerry Solan & at Home were Alan Rice, Kevin Barber & Tom McIntyre.

2017 - Semi Finalists

Manager: Enda Daly assisted by Lenny Murphy


Semi-final: July 15th:      Royal Curragh 4 – Tulfarris 3

The Tulfarris South Leinster team proudly bowed out of this year's competition following a 4-3 defeat at the hands of The Curragh. The Curragh fielded very strong team established an early lead in 6 of the 7 matches. The matches in The Curragh all ended early with Tulfarris securing one win. The first match to conclude in Tulfarris also resulted in a Curragh win. With the team's back to the wall, they rallied. Tulfarris were looking very likely to level the match at 3 all and the first match reached 18 all square. Unfortunately, our final hole winning streak didn't hold.

The players who represented the club on the day were: Brendan Bartley, Pat Curley, Alan Rice, Mick O'Toole, Ian O'Shaughessy, Tom McIntyre & Seamus Breen. Well done to to them & the entire panel – they can be proud of their performance.

Management would like to take this opportunity to command the panel for their effort & availability & willingness to practice. Thanks also for all the well wishes & support

Rnd 2: June 24th:    Tulfarris victorious 5 – 4  over Dunmurry Springs to progress to Semi-final.

The South Leinster team kept the clubs' 2017 interclub interests alive with a hard fought narrow victory over Dunmurry Springs on Saturday 24th June. 

Two early wins in Tulfarris gave away team a boost, where all the matches were all square for a time mid way through the back 9.

With Tom McIntyre securing an away win only one further point was required. Mick O'Toole again sealed victory for Tulfarris - closing out from dormie 3 up on the 18th.

Management again express thanks to  supporters & well wishes. 

The panel now work towards a quarter final - details of which will emerge over the coming days. 

The club was represented by: Brendan Bartley, George Chung, Pat Curley, Ciaran Lambe, Tom McIntyre, Alan Rice  & Mick O'Toole



Rnd 1:   The South Leinster team won a narrow but deserved victory over Mount Wolsely on Sunday 21st May. The first three results reported all went in favour of Tulfarris, but the next 3 matches were all won by Mount Wolsely on the 18th.

With scores tied 3-3, it fell to Mick O'Toole to win on the 19th.

The Tulfarris team featured four players who had never played in this competition previously and all performed admirably and reported enjoying the experience. This can only bode well for the future.

Management would like to take this opportunity to thank the panel for their efforts, and acknowledge all the well wishes & supporters.

The panel now work towards match-up with Dunmurry Springs in Round 2.

The club was represented by: Brendan Bartley, Pat Curley, Ian O'Shaughnessy, Mick O'Toole, Ciaran Lambe, George Chung & Tom McIntyre


Manager: Noel Kelly

Rnd1:  Tulfarris lost to Wicklow 3 -1. The Team was as follows: Away we had Mick O’Toole, Arran Kehoe and Brendan Bartley. And at Home we had Alan Rice, Gordon Cronin, George Cheung and Rob Nagle. Although we unfortunately lost the battle on the day, the team put up a superb effort with the decisive match going to the 18th green. If that match had gone our way we had one match finished on the 14th in our favour and we still had one match in Wicklow 2 up on the 17th and our last match in Tulfarris looked like going 2 up as the Wicklow ball was out of bounds.  Alas it was not to be and we were out of the competition on the first round.


Manager: John Britton

Rnd 3:  July 2:   Tulfarris progress ot Quarter Finals with a hard fought win of a strong Knockanally side

Rnd 2:  

Rnd 1 : Tulfarris defeated Mt Wollsely

Home Team - Pat Mahon, Brian Sweeney,Rob Nagle.

Away Team - Mick O Toole, Jim Carty, Enda Daly, Colum Smith.



Manager : John Britton

Aug 3:  Quarter-final  -  Lost to Rathdowney

Our SL 2014 journey was halted by Rathdowney yesterday in a very close
match. They are a very good team and we wish them well in the remaining two matches in Carlow in mid Sept.
Tulfarris SL team are also very good with great wins over Carlow, Borris, Baltinglass, and we were so close to winning the South Leinster Trophy again this year.
I wish to thank the Tulfarris team and panel for the excellent preparation, time, effort, cooperation which you put in to this years SL competition and also for the excellent way you represented Tulfarris Golf Club during the competition.
Thanks to Tom O Neill for his very effective coaching sessions for the team and also to Tom O Shea who helped out so much in managing the competition.
For the record the members who represented Tulfarris in the 2014 SL Trophy are; Les Broderick,Pat Mahon,Alan Rice,Colm Smith,Frank Lewis,Noel Kelly,
John Devereux,Darren Ash, Brian Sweeney.Reserve Robert Nagle.
Thanks also to the club members who supported the various matches during the year.
Regards - John Britton".

May 5th: Round 1: Away to Carlow:   Tulfarris 4 defeated Carlow  3

Dear Member

This evening Tulfarris had their first outing in the 2014 South Leinster Trophy competition against Carlow Golf Club who had home advantage - 4 players at home and 3 in Tulfarris.

The Tulfarris team was Captain Les Broderick, Pat Mahon, Alan Rice, Darren Ash, John Devereux, Brian Sweeney and Colum Smith. The Team Manager is John Britton and he was ably assisted by Tom O'Shea who looked after matters at home in Tulfarris.

The closeness of the match could be seen in vivid detail with 6 matches completed when it arrived at 3 all with John Devereux "still alive", but 1 down playing the 18th in Carlow. He duly won the 18th to bring the match to the 19th. What happened next was a joy to watch - it made the trip to Carlow worthwhile on its own. John was on the green on this 432 yard Par 4 hole in two magnificent shots and he duly "drained" his 35ft putt right into the middle of the cup for a birdie to win his match and the overall for Tulfarris.


Rnd 2 :

 Tulfarris defeat Borris in the second outing in this competition. The Tulfarris team of seven players was (Home) Captain Les Broderick, Darren Ash, Pat Mahon and Brian Sweeney. Away we had:

John Devereux, Frank Lewis and Noel Kelly.

Weather condidtions were not great in Tulfarris but were atrocious in Borris and all matches were called in there after 13 holes - to see if the weather and course conditions would improve sufficiently to allow the matches to be completed.

While that was going on the Home team went on to win 3 of the 4 home matches, leaving Pat Mahon in an all out "battle" with his Borris opponent. Pat, calmly - or so it seemed to us onlookers - parred 16,

17 and 18 to win the fourth match for Tulfarris making the Borris situation irrelevant. Well done Pat and also well done to all the players and to Team Managers John Britton in Borris and Tom O'Shea in Tulfarris.


Managers:  Frank Lewis & John Britton

Round 1:     Tulfarris defeted Rosslare in Rosslare 5 - 0

Round 2:     Tulfarris defeated Dunmurray Springs

                     : Congratulation to Frank & Team members Home: Paul Reid, John McCarthy. Away: Darren Ash, Frank Lewis, Cliff Anderson".

Round 3 :    Tulfarris into Semi finals witha victory of the Heath Golf Club on Monday 25 June.


Spectacular nail biting stuff!!!  Must stand as our toughest and most exciting South Leinster match since we became seriously involved in the competition in 2006!!!  

Congratulations to the panel on an incredible  win today in  the quarter finals against The Heath. The Heath had home advantage hosting 3 games with Tulfarris hosting two. With the match standing at two wins each it was down to the final game. We shouldn't single out any player but a particular 'clap on the back' for Kevin McDonald who had to sink a 6 foot put on the 18th in The Heath to clinch the match for Tulfarris. 

Thanks to everybody involved for their huge effort, time off work and dedication to practice leading up the event. Its another proud day for the South Leinster Team and Tulfarris.

Now back to business...

We're up against the host club Carlow in the semi finals to be played by
19th July. We have home advantage this time (the gods are with us).

Manager Frank Lewis & John Britton


Jim O'Neil & Frank Lewis

Tulfarris played Rathsallagh last Tuesday in the South Leinster Competition. The team was:

Away: Paul Lynam, Dave Byrne, John Devereux, Home: Paul Reid, Darren Ash, Kevin McDonald and Pat Mahon.

Team Managers Frank Lewis and Jim Byrne have sent me the following report.

"We played a fabulous match against Rathsallagh yesterday afternoon. The turnout and preparation of the players and caddies was impeccable. Also a huge thanks to the other panel members and supporters who turned out to support the team in any way they could. Unfortunately we were defeated but not without a fight!!! For those of you who couldn't make it I can tell you now - the finish couldn't have been closer. We had two 'kick ass' wins at home but were unfortunately unable to close out the other two necessary to get through to the next round. Three potential wins were taken to the 18th, one at home and two away....and we all know what its like to have to take that fateful putt of momentous consequences on the 18th.... Fingernail stuff to say the least. Nip and tuck all the way in most of the matches which literally could have gone either way. One match was called in at the end with Tulfarris one up. 
However it certainly was not all in vein. The coaching sessions, practice etc has improved the standard of every participants game. To the team who played on the day- if your handicap is still eligible we would certainly look forward to working with you again next year however we have a funny feeling some of you will be playing in the Barton Cup instead!!! 
Thanks again to all those who participated".