2016 - Leinster Runners Up

Managers: Tom O'Shea & John Britton

  Leinster Runners up from 142 teams:

Leinster Final: July 24 v Castlecomer in Tullamore

Castlecomer prove too strong winning 3.5-1.5 

Team: Paddy Carthy & Robbie Nagle, Enda Daly & John Horan, Paul Reid & John Devereax, Alan Kavenaugh & Peter Pedersen 

From team manager Tom O’Shea:

“ The Tulfarris dream of a Leinster Pennant came to an end at the last hurdle of the Pierce Purcell Shieldon Sunday in Tullamore.

I fondly remember the qualifying round in Tulfarris on the Saturday followed by two match-play rounds on the Sunday. The Battle of Arklow in the wind was followed by the tight tunnel golf in Citywest.

The true grit demonstrated in previous rounds was continued in Tullamore on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we “Won/qualified for the Runners-Up Plaque” in a match which went to the 19th.

On Sunday we met Castlecomer who have the reputation of being formidable opponents. We lost 3.5 to 1.5 matches unfortunately.

On the day we were beaten by a better team who managed to find the killer blows and a bit of luck on the back nine which we had found and delivered to opponents in earlier rounds.

There is no blame to be laid on anyone as they all did their best on the day.

To put the game outcome in some context:-

We lost the first match on 18.

We won the second match on 16.

The third match was called in on the 16th green at 1 down but looking likely to go all square having won the previous three holes.

The loss of the fourth and fifth matches thus sealed our fate.

I was gutted with the outcome as were all of those present, players and supporters.

With the hindsight of a day, I am proud of what has been achieved by the entire panel. Through the Pierce Purcell project they evolved into a cohesive team fighting as hard as possible for one another.

I am particularly impressed by those on the panel who never got to play over the entire project but hung in to support and caddy for others. My thanks also to the other travelling caddies.

One team member deferred the departure of his holiday for two days to play in Citywest. That is commitment on a huge scale by him and his family.

Presumably there are others who made sacrifices I am not aware of.

It would be remiss of me not to recognise the sacrifices made by families of the panel through the practice and playing period of the team.

My wife Kay equally supported my “gone to the golf club” absences and was instrumental in ensuring we had refreshments for the panel through the matches.

My good friend John Britton was an equal partner with me in this great journey to Tullamore. A wedding in Italy made it impossible for him to be with us in Tullamore. Perhaps he was the missing ingredient!!

Last but not least we had our “Golf Mentor” Tom O’Neill who gave huge amounts of his time to coach the group and individual panel members over the whole Pierce Purcell period. Whenever he could he attended the away match venues. His message of “It all comes down to the short game” was proven to be true every time.

I recall some parts of John Milton’s epic “Paradise Lost” where the “Devil” reflects on his expulsion from Heaven. This might be useful for future forays into inter-club.

“What though the field be lost?

All is not Lost; the unconquerable will,

And study of revenge, immortal hate,

And the courage never to submit or yield.”

The players on Saturday and Sunday were:-

Les Broderick, Pat Mahon, Enda Daly, John Horan, Pat Carthy, Robbie Nagle, Paul Reid , John Devereux, Peter Pedersen and Alan Kavanagh.

Best wishes to the Brennan Cup and Cullen Cup teams who play their semi-finals in the near future. They deserve our support

Tom O’Shea and p.p. John Britton

From my own perspective it was one of the finest club performances in the history of Tulfarris GC and we are immensely proud of this group’s journey. I attach a few photos of the panel.

Leinster Semi Final: July 23 v Powerscourt in Tullamore.

Tulfarris defeat Powerscourt 3.5 - 1.5

Team: Paddy Carthy & Robbie Nagle, Enda Daly & John Horan, Paul Reid & John Devereax, Alan Kavenaugh & Peter Pedersen  

Leinster Quarter Final July 10 v Kilcoole at Citywest

Tulfarris victorious 3-1 in tough windy conditions in a gritty come from behind win.

Leinster Rnd of 16   June 25 Arklow

Tulfarris deafeat Wexford 3-2 with the last match going down the 19th in fading light at 9:10pm in a monumental fightback showing true grit with 3 matches coming from behind on the back nine ( 1 being 3 down after 9, 1 being 4 down with 5 to play & the other 1 down after 13, to snatch victory.

Team on the day Eoin Welsh, Brendan Bartly, Enda Daly, John Horan, Pat Carty, Jim Carty, Paul Reid, Chris Shelly, Peter Pedersen & Robbie Nagle.

Thanks also to reserve Charlie Magee & other supporters who made the journey to Arklow who all played their part in getting the team across the line.

Team of the Day: Eoin Welsh/Brendan Bartley, Paddy & Jim Carthy, Enda Daly & John Horan, Paul Reid & Chris Shelley, Alan Kavenaugh & Peter Pedersen with great support from other panel members caddying & many club supporters who made a big difference to the teams back nine performance when matches were tight.  The scene around the 18th green was like a home match for Tulfarris. 


Group Qualification & matchplay ( Saturday/Sunday June 13/14) 

 In the qualifying round on Saturday, Tulfarris came third, 10 points behind the first team and 9 points ahead of the fifth team.   Team: Enda Daly, John Horan, Pat Carty, Jim Carty, Paul Reid, Chris Shelly, Darren Ash, Pat Mahon & Rob Nagle, Owen Welsh

 Being the first club out the tension rose as Cill Dara’s score came in ahead of us and finally Dunmurry Springs lead the field. Coolattin came in fourth. 

Sunday morning semi- final match Tulfarris defeated Cill Dara ( 3-0 ) was monumental with Cill Dara’s first team being their banker, by reputation. They were ably restrained by our first team until the 14th. For us this was a success as it meant they were denied a quick victory which would have boosted their team morale. From there on things only got better with Tulfarris winning or ahead in all four matches.  Team: Enda Daly, John Horan, Pat Carty, Jim Carty, Paul Reid, Chris Shelly, Les Broderick, John Devereax, Peter Pedersen & Alan Kavenagh.

In the final Tulfarris defeated Dunmurry, 3-0 in a marathon battle ensued with our first two teams winning on the 15th/16th hole. The remaining three teams were all down around 2-3 holes through the 9th but fought back valiantly to win one match, be in a wining position in a second and a halving position in the third. The true grit of the entire team shone like a beacon in the afternoon. Team: Enda Daly, John Horan, Pat Carty, Jim Carty, Eoin Welsh, Pat Mahon, Paul Reid, Chris Shelly, Peter Pedersen & Alan Kavenagh.

I have avoided naming names in the particular matches as the entire panel played their part in the success of the team. When not playing they supported their team-mates and in the final,  they caddied for those who needed physical or companion support. Despite not naming individuals above, the mental strength of Jim Carty and Chris Shelley in their approach shots to the 17th in the afternoon will long be remembered.

We also had a match-play “rookie” on the team, Alan Kavanagh, who excelled in both of his matches.

The panel of John Devereux, Les Broderick, Enda Daly, John Horan, Pat Carty, Jim Carty, Paul Reid, Chris Shelly, Peter Pedersen, Alan Kavanagh, Darren Ash, Rob Nagle, Owen Welsh and Pat Mahon played their hearts out and surely did well by Paddy Merrigan’s legacy.

A GUI representative was heard to say on Sunday that more than 150 golfers left Tulfarris as ambassadors of a great course. All credit to the great work done in recent weeks.

Tom O’Neill was always available to gently tweak the skills of our players, which is much appreciated.