2019 Manager BrendanDaly

Rnd 3: Aug 9th: Lost away to Rathfarnham:

In what was alwys goung to be a very tough assignment, our team came close to pulling off a great victory. With match 2 won & match 1, 2 up with 3 to play, the 1st match was lost on the 20th, from that we lost some momentum in the remaing matches who were all in with a good shout.

Team n the day was: John Mulligan & Myles Burke, John Curley & Tom Browne, Lennie Murohy & Mark Walshe, Steven Byrne & Paddy Carhy & Gavin Buckly & Conor Falon.

Rnd 2: Tulfarris 3.5 ( Home) defeated v Woodenbridge 1.5 June 29

Taking advanatage of a home draw our team performed well fighting back having lost the opening match to record a strong win with the last match called in also leading by 2 holes.

Team on the day: Myles Burke & John Mulligan, Steven Byrne & Paddy Carthy, Mick Curran & John Curley, John Filed & Gavin Buckley & Laim O’Loughlin & Pearse Daly.

Round 1 : Tulfarris (Home) Defeated Arklow 3.5 - 1.5

A strong opening win & leading in the last match clled in with victory secured

Team on te day: John Mulligan/Myles Burke, Mark Walshe/Denis Mahon, Mic Curran/John Curley, Conor Falon/Paddy Carthy & Gavin Buckley/John Feild


Manager: Brendan Daly assisted by Paul Fitzpatrick

Sept 1st:   Grand Final in Arklow 

           Hard luck for Brendan & team going down fighting in a tough final.



Our Brennan Cup team secured a memorable semi final win over Dun Laoghaire GC with all 5 fourball matches being played in DL . DL is a club with 1600 members and could probably field an entire team with just scratch or plus handicapper golfers and with the handicap range that made up their team (plus 1 to 11) the scene was set for a high quality match.

When you have a group of dedicated players who are willing to put the time and effort into the campaign as Tulfarris has , you can gain little advantages here and there which ultimately can make the difference . Every member of the panel is of equal importance in my view , because, even if you are not selected as one of the 10 playing you can make a difference as was evident in this match . We had spotters and supporters easily identifiable in their club colours everywhere and this gave us an edge . This was our 11th man and didn’t go un-noticed by the home team, to the point , that it was annoying them. The team spirit and the camaraderie between Tulfarris members is one of our biggest assets .

By the time the match day came , our players who had all had at least 2 practice games were comfortable and familiar with DL. Each player worked on their strategy for the course and and in the end all of the work paid off as we were up early in all 5 matches and to everyone’s credit on the team , they kept the foot down and maintained advantage in all games with only one loss which was on the 18th green.

Our thanks to the supporters , the spotters and the team .

Team; John Horan , John Curley , Myles Burke , Paddy Carthy, Tom Browne, Mick Curran, John Field , Gavin Buckley, Paul Murphy , Denis Mahon .

July 8th Quarter Final:  Tulfurris Defeted Mt Wollseley


Rnd 2: June 18    Tulfarris kicked off their 2018 Brennan Cup campaign with an impressive away win against the holders , Woodenbridge GC . This was the second time in 3 years that Tulfarris defeated them on their own patch much to the dismay of the home support !  

The spirit and determination our lads showed was fantastic and we got off to a fast start in most matches. Woodenbridge being the 2017 champions refused to cave in and fought back to make the finish to this match one of the most gritty , tense and competitive  I have witnessed .

At the end of the day with both sides having two points on the board , our pairing of Denis Mahon and Paul Murphy went down the 19th to decide the outcome . It’s not fair to single out one pairing or player on a team when everyone has contributed to a great win but it has to be acknowledged that a thundering drive which crossed the road leaving 90 yards to the green and a wedge to 6 inches (conceded birdie) by Paul Murphy is the sweetest way to conclude a match . Well done everyone on a great team performance !

Our Team : Mick Curran /Tom Browne. Paddy Carty / Myles Burke . Tom O Rourke/ Conor Fallon . John Curley / John Horan. Denis Mahon / Paul Murphy.

Managers : Brendan Daly and Paul Fitzpatrick


Round 1 : Bye



Mgr: Brendan Daly – Assisted by Paul Fitzpatrick:

 Hard luck for our lads bowing out away to Carlow in a close 3-1 result, whilst leading in the remaing called in match. This was an extreemly tough draw & thanks to all involved. Following on from very enthusiastic & competitive practice by the entire panel luck was not with us on the day. Team on the day: Michael Curren,Tom Browne, Lenny Murphy, John Curley, Tom O'Rourke, Paddy Carthy, Gerry Lambe, Denis Mahon, James McCarron & Myles Burke  ( Mgr Brendan Day Assisted by Paul Fitzpatrick). Our proud history in this event continues.

2016 - Runners up

Mgr: Brendan Daly

Final: Sept 10 Arklow vs: Wicklow GC

Once again the preparation was faultless and the commitment shown by all the panel in travelling to Arklow numerous times to practice was more than I could have expected . 

Arklow Golf course is a very different challenge to Tulfarris and although it is shorter, its difficulty is in the undulating greens, the many run off areas and deep rough. While I was confident that our guys would cope with these challenges I was also hoping for a tougher golfing day as we were aware of the make up of the Wicklow team and the fact that they would be receiving shots from our team due to their higher handicaps. Alas, it was as nice a day for golf as you will see on a links and add to that the rub of the green which seemed to go against us with alarming regularity. When the match ended we had won one and lost four but that was a flattering score line for Wicklow GC, considering that one match lost on 17 one on 18, and one on the 19th.

Back row ;John Curley, Ciaran Curley,Mark Walshe,Jerry Lambe , Mick Curran,Myles Burke,Pat Mahon,James McCarron,Paul Murphy,Tom Browne.
Front  Row; Paul Fitzpatrick,Lenny Murphy,Phelim Dolan,BrendanDaly,Daryl Litton, Denis Mahon
My sincere thanks to everyone that participated in any way whether ball spotting, caddying, playing or supporting . It was a very enjoyable summer for the Brennan Cup squad, friendships were made and some very strong partnerships discovered which no doubt will be beneficial to Tulfarris GC in the future.  The campaign should be remembered for the fact that Tulfarris defeated three great clubs in Woodenbridge, Woodbrook and Delgany on their way to the final of the competition.

Brendan Daly


Rnd 2: July 3  Tulfarris defeated Woodbrook at Woodbrook.

The Brennan Cup team played their second match in this year's competition and I'm pleased to report that yet again Tulfarris prevailed in a tough away match to Woodbrook. Team manager Brendan Daly was on holidays so Paul Fitzpatrick deputised for Brendan on the day and provided me with the following summary.

A  fantastic  victory  on  Sunday  for  Tulfarris  away  to  Woodbrook  in  the  Brennan  Cup. Having  beaten  Woodenbridge  away in  the  previous  round it  was  going  to  be  a  very  tough  assignment  to  overcome  such  a  strong  team  with  such  a  large  membership. But  once  again, Tulfarris  rose  to  the  challenge. The  work  and  effort  that  Brendan  and  his  panel  have  put  in  during  this  campaign  paid  off  handsomely.

The  team  spirit  displayed  on  the  day  was  exemplary  and  crucial  to  our  victory. In  the  face  of  fierce  opposition, (in  every  sense  of  the  word !!! )  the  Tulfarris  team  showed  a  steely  resolve  which  brought  us  over  the  line. They  should  be  all  very  proud  of  their  achievement. I  don`t  want  to  single  anybody  out, but  it  is  always  important  to  get  off  to  a  good  start and  Lenny  and  Mark  ensured  that  with  a  great  win  in  the  opening  match. That  feelgood  factor  spread  through  the  team  and  was  the  catalyst  for  a  famous  win.

Congratulations  to  everyone. 

The  Tulfarris  team  was :   Lenny  Murphy  and  Mark  Walshe,  Paul  Murphy  and  Denis  Mahon,  John  Curley  and  Tom  Browne,  Mick  Curran  and  James McCarron,  Ciaran  Curley  and  Phelim  Dolan.

Roll  on  the  semi - final  !!!

Paul  Fitzpatrick



2014 Manager:   Brendan Daly

Rnd 1 : Tulfarris at home defeated Blainroe ....3/1 win with Tulfarris ahead also in the other match when called in playing the 17th.

The team was Stephen Cullen and Eoin Curley, Liam O'Loughlin and Steven Byrne, Brendan Daly and Pat Mahon, Mick Curran and John Curley and Ciaran Curley and Phelim Dolan.



2012: Manager: Joe Gardner     Tulfarris reached Semi-finals.

 Round 1 - June 20th   - Tulfarris defeated Glenmalure

                     Tulfarris team of Brendan Daly and John Curley, Paul Fitzpatrick and Ciaran Curley, James McCarron and Eoin Curley, Stephen Byrne and Liam O'Loughlin and Stephen Cullen and Keith Turner came out on top in a good contest. Joe tells me that Tulfarris will again have home advantage in the second round.

Round 2 - 

Round 3 - July 16th.  Tulfarris defetef Greystones.  The team of five pairs was made up of John Curley and Paul Fitzpatrick, Ciaran Curley and Eoin Curley, Stephen Cullen and Keith Turner, Stephen Byrne and Paul Reid and Ronnie Carroll and Jonathan Weir. Well done to them and to Team Manager Joe Gardner. 

Semi-final - August 3  Lost away to Woodenbridge 3-2

 . In tough windy conditions along the seafront course the Tulfarris team managed to win 2 matches and of the other three one was lost on 17 and the other two went all the way to the 18th.  Team on the day of Liam O'Loughlin and Stephen Byrne, Ciaran Curley and Paul Fitzpatrick, Brendan Daly and John Curley, Ronnie Carroll and Eoin Curley and Stephen Cullen and Keith Turner all battled gamely to the very end and this semi final really could have gone either way. It was all down to a bounce of a ball here and there. Home advantage proved decisive in the end for Woodbrook.  Congratuations & well done to Joe and his team in getting Tulfarris so far in what is a tough interclub competition.



Maganger: Joe Gardner

Round 1: Tullfarris 5 - Wexford 0 (Home)

                       Tulfarris team has just had a first round win in the 2011 Brennan Cup against Wexford Golf Club with all matches played "away". With three matches won the other two pairs were called in - overall a very satisfactory result. 

The Tulfarris team was Paul Fitzpatrick and John Staunton, Brendan Daly and John Curley, Kevin Higgins and Sean O'Shea, Mick Curran and Myles Burke, and Phelim Dolan and Ciaran Curley.

Round 2: Tulfarris 3 (Home) - Killerig Castle 0

                    Tulfarris had a very convincing win in the 2nd round of the Brennan Cup. The opposition was provided by Killerig Golf Club who were very close runners up to Kilkenny in last year's final.

The Tulfarris team of five pairs were John Staunton and Paul Fitzpatrick, Brendan Daly and John Curley, Liam O'Loughlin and Kieron Ryan, Kevin Higgins and Sean O'Shea, and Phelim Dolan and Ciaran Curley. When three matches were won the other two were also ahead and were called in.

Round 3:  Tulfarris(Away) 3 - Greystones 0

                     The Tulfarris team consisted of 5 pairs: John Hyland and Keith Turner, John Staunton and Paul Fitzpatrick, Sean O'Shea and Kevin Higgins, Phelim Dolan and Ciaran Curley, and Mick Curran and John Curley. With the first tee times at 4.00 p.m. and the final match won at 9.20 p.m. it was a long and challenging evening with the overall match evenly balanced right up to the end. Conditions were good - although a little windy - for most of the time but some rain arrived with the matches into the back nine. Despite the difficulty of playing away from home the Tulfarris pairs stuck to their task winning 1 on the 14th, and 2 on the 17th. The other 2 teams went all the way to the 18th and were called in before their matches were completed.   Joe tells me that the Semi Final will be away again - this time to Wicklow Golf Club on a date yet to be fixed.

Semi - final :     Lost away to Wicklow GC: 3 -0

The match was played in Wicklow Golf Club and the home advantage which Wicklow enjoyed proved to be just too much for an excellent Tulfarris team. One match was lost on the 17th and the other four were all destined to finish on the 18th. Unfortunately two of them were pipped at the post on 18 with the remaining two matches all square playing 17 and 18. It really couldn't have been closer but it was not to be on the night.

The team consisted of five pairs: John Staunton and Paul Fitzpatrick, Brendan Daly and John Curley, Kieron Ryan and Liam O'Loughlin, Sean O'Shea and Kevin Higgins and Ciaran Curley and Phelim Dolan. 

Team Manager Joe Gardner thanked them all for their tremendous efforts in winning through to the Semi Final, in practicing in Wicklow on a number of occasions and in bringing a strong Wicklow team all the way this evening. Joe also thanked the caddies: Noel Reilly, Dave Byrne, Myles Burke, Pat Mahon and myself and he went on to thank the Captain and Lady Captain for their support on the day. He finished his few words at the dinner afterwards by wishing his team all the best for next year.

On behalf of the Captain, the Committee and indeed all the members I say well done and thanks to Joe and his team (indeed all the Brennan Cup panel) for doing Tulfarris proud in the 2011 Brennan Cup run.



Manager: Joe Gardner

Round 1 - Bye

Round 2: In last years Brennan Cup semi-final Tulfarris had home advantage over Kilkenny and came out victorious and went on to win the final. This year we were drawn against Kilkenny in the opening round but on this occasion they had home advantage and they made it count. A gallant Tulfarris team came out on the wrong end of this fixture despite playing some very good golf on a very pleasant golf course.

Given in particular that today was Fathers Day and there were a number of Dads on the team their turning out for their Club was doubly appreciated. (One Dad went the extra mile and turned out on his wife's birthday - thank you to John Staunton and Happy Birthday to Trish).

As Team Manager Joe Gardner is currently overseas, he delegated matters to Assistant Manager Paul Fitzpatrick who fielded a very strong team of five pairs playing four ball better ball. Our thanks go to the Managers and to John Staunton and Mick Curran, Kevin Higgins and Sean O'Shea, Brendan Daly and Phelim Dolan, Liam O'Loughlin and Pearse Daly and Niall Robinson and Noel A Kelly. Thanks also to the Caddies and to Interclub teams Manager Noel Reilly for their support in Kilkenny

2009 - Champions

Manager: Joe Gardner

Saturday August 29th Tulfarris bring home Brennan Cup
In a thrilling final hole finish, Kevin Higgins holed the winning put to snatch victory over Callan 3 matches to 2 in Arklow. After partner Sean O’Shea won 17 to level up the deciding match, a lipped birdie putt for the Cup stayed out before being given a second opportunity to take the Cup amid joyous scenes for Manager Joe Gardner, the rest of the team & supporters.  

Brendan Daly, Mick Curran, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Sean O’Shea, Billy Reilly, Manager Joe Gardner, Paul Fitzpatrick, John Staunton, Pearse Daly, Niall Robinson & Phelim Dolan       

Round 1 – May 17th:    Tulfarris (Home) defeated Enniscorthy
Congratulations go to team members Club Captain, Billy Reilly, Paul Fitzpatrick, Brendan Daly, Pearse Daly, John Staunton, Mick Curran, Niall Robinson, Greg Edwards, Peter Sherwin and Phelim Dolan
Round 2 – May 17th:    Tulfarris (Away) defeated Greystones
Round 3 – July 25th:  Tulfarris (Home)  defeated Kilkenny  - 3 matches to one. ( last match Square on 18th called in)  Congratulations go to team members Club Captain, Billy Reilly & Paul Fitzpatrick, Brendan Daly & Phelim Dolan, John Staunton & Mick Curran, Kevin Higgins & Sean O’Shea, Alan Rice & Peter Pedersen.
Semi-final -    August 15th:  Tulfarris (Away) defeated Coolatin – 3 matches to 2
Final: - August 29th :  Tulfarris defeated Callan   at Arklow  3 matches to 2.  
      Victories to Captain Billy Reilly & Paul Fitzpatrick; Brendan Daly & Phelim Dolan ; Kevin Higgins & Sean O’Shea.