2019 Barton Cup

Mansger Jerry Lambe assisted by Tom O’Rourke

Rnd 2: My 6th Lisheen Springs 3 defeated Tulfarris 2 (Home advantage with Lisheen) Hard luck to our lads losing 1 match on the 18th away & then the deciding match lost to a birdie in Tulfarris, following a galliant fightback.

A sad result for a panel that put in a heavy preparation in this tough away assignment & fought all the way. Thanks also to Jerry & Tom for the hard work in preparing the side.well,

Representing Tulfarris were : Kevin Higgins & Conor Falon, with a great away win, Lenny Gilligian & Myles Burke losing away on the 18th , Michael Mahoney & Paul Finnerty fighting hard in Lisheen however losing on 17 & at Home winning well was Paddy Carthy & Mick Curran & Stephen Cullen & Lenny Murphy beaten by a birdie on the 19th.

Rnd 1 : Walkover Vs Dublin Mountain by April 14th


Tournament Conditions & Draw Sheet

Team manager: Jerry Lambe assisted by  John Field.

Ronnd 2:    Baltinglass 3- Tulfarris 2




Round 1 Tulfarris  H) defeated Slade Valley.  3.5-1.5

The club recorded a very good win last Sunday against a formidable Slade Valley team, who had high hopes playing against us. In their ranks, and playing in Tulfarris was a former assistant professional golfer , who played in the US. Unfortunately for John Curley and Gavin Buckley they met with this pairing and Slade  recorded their only win on the day. Their other half point was a match in which they were dormie  2 down- in effect a win for Tulfarris . This win for Tulfarris was exceptional in that the players Captain Shemus Dore and Niall Robinson, were only drafted into the team late on Sat due to an injury to a team player, which resulted in this  partnership unable to play. The other match at home was Stephen Cullen and Lenny Murphy who also recorded a good win on the day.


In recording our win, we took 2 wins away from home, which in itself is remarkable, but when you have a pairing, that had not played together in Slade, it makes it even more remarkable, and not least that the junior member Sean O’ Rourke was unphased by the task, winning their match on the 17th 2 up. Well done to John Field & Sean. Conor Fallon and Fergal Quinn also finished their match 2up, on 18 –helped by a glorious chip in from approx 30 yards on 17th, witnessed by my good self.


So many thanks to all the lads, and to John Field who had to make the late calls on Sat


Managers: Liam O’Loughlin & Pearce Daly

April 17th  Unfortunately lost to Dublin Mountain in a tight 3-2 match. After winning an early away match & losing the other away match on the 21st hole, the lads found the opposition to strong losing 2 matches in the afternoon at Tulfarris. Represented by: Brendan Daly, James McCarron, Eoin Curley, Darryl Litton, Niall Robinson, Mick Curran, Stephen Cullen, Paddy Carthy, Mark Walshe & Lenny Murphy


Liam O’Loughlin & Pearce Daly

Unfortunately we fell short against a very good Baltinglass side. Just a word to say thank you to all the panel for their efforts in the Barton and the Garden County. We had some great results and some not so good but the team spirit was never dampened. It was most enjoyable if nerve racking experience to manage a team who never admitted defeat and gave 100 % every time maybe next year will be our year .


Manager: Ciaran Curley

Rnd 2 : Tulfarris lost to  Courtown

Match team : Ciaran Curley& James McCarron : John Curley& Phelim Dolan

Stephen Byrne& Myles Burke / Mark Walshe& Mick Curran / John Field& Eoin Curley

Rnd 1: April 20:   Tulfarris victorious over McCreddin

Match Team: Steven Byrne & Myles Burke
Stephen Cullen & Shay McGrath
John Curley & Phelim Dolan
Liam O'Loughlin & Eoin Curley
Ciaran Curley & Mark Walshe


Manager : John Horan

Rnd 2 May 11: Tulfarris bow out Losing 3 - 2 to Druids Heath


Rnd 1  April 14    :Tulfarris defeated in the first round of the Barton Cup.

A close contest saw all five matches going virtually all the way with Tulfarris coming out 3 - 2 winners at the end.

The team today was:

At HOME in Tulfarris:

Liam O'Loughlin (5)  Eoin Curley (9)

Ronnie Carroll (6)  Shemus Dore (8)

Brendan Daly (4)  Myles Burke (11)

AWAY in Kilcoole:

Stephen Cullen (6)  Seamus McGrath  (8)

Ciaran Curley (7)  John Curley (7)


Manager: John Horan

Rnd 1: Lost to Craddockstown 3-2
The match was played in extremely difficult weather conditions and unfortunately we came a close second on the day. With high winds gusting across both courses it was not easy for either side. Difficulties such as the wind blowing balls around the putting surface had to be contended with by the intrepid players. Tulfarris won one of the Home matches and won of the Away matches - losing 3 to 2 overall. The two Away matches that were lost went all the way to the 17th green - a very close outcome.The Tulfarris pairings were Liam  O'Loughlin and Pearse Daly, Ciaran Curley and Joe McConville, Noel A Kelly and Niall Robinson, Brendan Daly and Myles Burke and Stephen Cullen and Sheamus McGrath. Our thanks go to them for their efforts on behalf of the Club. 
Thanks also to all the Panel Members who participated in the earlier Garden
County Trophy competition matches. Thanks go also to the Club Professional, Thomas O'Neill, to the Lady Captain Ita McCarron and the other Tulfarris Club Members who turned out at both courses to provide support and encouragement for our players. Finally thanks go to Norma, 
Derek and the other Hotel and Course staff for their work in making our visitors
and our players welcome to Tulfarris.


Manager : Noel A Kelly 

 Round 1:  April 22:  Lost 3 -2 to Blessington Lakes

 Team:  J.Staunton/J.Hyland; L.O'Loughlin/S.Byrne; E.Curely/S.Cullen;  P. Daly/B.Day; N.Robinson/C.Curely
Tulfarris won two and lost one of our three "home" matches which meant that we would have had to win one of the two "away" matches. Having lost one of these, the Tulfarris pair were 3 down with 3 to play in the other one. A great fight back took place with Tulfarris winning 16, 17 and 18 to bring the match down the 19th. Unfortunately this game did not go our way in the end.  
Despite the extremely difficult weather conditions (for both teams) an exciting match ensued - one which could have gone either way. It did not go Tulfarris' way today - that's golf I guess. 
Team Manager Noel A Kelly has asked me to thank not just the 10 players who played today but the complete panel for their work over the early months of the year in preparation for this competition. They are Stephen Byrne, Ronnie Carroll, Stephen Cullen, Ciaran Curley, Eoin Curley, John Curley, Brendan Daly, Pearse Daly, Phelim Dolan, Paul Fitzpatrick, John Hyland, James McCarron, Sheamus McGrath, Liam O'Loughlin, Niall Robinson and John Staunton. 


Manager Paul Fitzpatrick

Round 2: Tulfarris bow out to our closest neighbours Blessington Lakes Golf Club. Tulfarris had "home" advantage with three pairs at home and two away. In Tulfarris were: John Staunton and Keith Turner, Brendan Daly and John Curley, Mick Curran and Phelim Dolan. In Blessington Lakes were: Ciaran and Jay Curley, Liam O'Loughlin and Myles Burke. Hard luck lads and thanks for tor efforts on behalf of the Club.

Round 1 :  April Sunday 10th: Tulfarris defeated Cradockstown


: Manager Pearse Daly

Round 1 : April Friday 9th: Tulfarris (Home 3 matches) defeated Miltown 3 -1
Home wins to John Staunton/James McCarron & Noel Kelly/Niall Robinson : Away win to Liam O’Loughlin/Pearse Daly
Other Team members: Brendan Daly/Mick Curran : Paul Fitzpatrick/ Kevin Higgins
Round 2: May 8th: Tulfarris defeated Dublin City ( Home 3 matches) 4 -0
Home wins to John Staunton/James McCarron & Brendan Daly/Mick Curran
Away wins to Liam O’Loughlin/Pearse Daly & Noel Kelly/Niall Robinson; Kevin Higgins/Ciaran Curley match All Square & called in after 17.
Round 2: By May 30: Tulfarris lost to Blessington Lakes 3 - 1
Unfortunately we came out on the wrong side of the result on this occasion, again by a very narrow margin. 
The two "home" matches played in Tulfarris came out at one each. All three matches played "away" in Boystown went to the 18th, with one of them having to continue to the 19th. 
On this occasion Blessington Lakes got the two wins they needed at home to progress to the fourth round. 
While they are naturally disappointed nevertheless our thanks go to Team Manager (and player) Pearse Daly, and the other players on this occasion
- Liam O'Loughlin, Kevin Higgins, Ciaran Curley, Paul Fitzpatrick, Phelim Dolan, Noel A Kelly, Niall Robinson, Stephen Cullen and Brendan Daly


Manager – Paul Fitzpatrick

Round 1: April 18th Tulfarris defeated Edmonstown 3 ½ matches to 1 ½ (away tie)
Home Victories : John Staunton/ Mick Curran 7&5 ; Billy Reilly & Phelim Dolan 1 up
Away Victory to: Kevin Higgins/ Peter Pedersen 2 & 1: Niall Robinson/Noel Kelly match halved/called in after 19th
Other Team members away: Pearse Daly & Sean O’Shea
Round 2: May 10th Tulfarris defeated Dun Laogharie 3 matches to 2.
Home Victories : John Staunton & Mick Curran ; Billy Reilly & Phelim Dolan ; Pearse Daly & Brendan Daly
Other Team members away: Peter Pedersen & Kevin Higgins : Niall Robinson & Noel Kelly
Round 3: May 28th Tulfarris (away) lost to Slade Valley 3 matches to 2.
Victories : Billy Reilly & Phelim Dolan ; Niall Robinson & Noel Kelly
Other Team members away: Peter Pedersen & Kevin Higgins ; John Staunton & Mick Curran; Pearse Daly & Brendan