2019 All Ireland Fourball

Manager : George Cheung assisted by Enda Daly

Rnd 3. Edmonstown 3 defeated Tulfarris 2

A hearbreaking loss in the final match at Tulfarris going down the 19th without luck having 1 away victory & the other 2 run close also.

With home advantge of 3 matches going with Edmonstown this was alays going to be a very difficlt challange wich our team were well prepared by George Cheung for and came so close to a major vistory. A great team to go forward to next year.

Tema on te day was : Micael Lysaght/James Mulligan, Decaln Cullan/Thomas O’Rourke, Pat Curley/Tom McIntyre, Alan Rice & Kevin O’Connor & Brian Walsh/ Pat Edgeworth.

Rnd: 2 Tufaris defeated V Slade 4-1

A manificent win with 3 matches won and leading in the remain two matches.

Team on the day was Alan Rice & Kevin O’Connor, Declan Cullen & Pat Edgeworth, Derek Yeates & Tom McIntyre, Away: Michael Lysaght & James Mulligan, Brian Walsh & Ian O’Shaughnessy.

Rnd 1: 30th March 3-2 Victory over Dublin Mountain by March 31st.

3 strong home wins ( 6&5, 5&3 & 5&3 ) sealed a season oening victory with both away matches finding tough competition & a challenging course.

Team on the day was : Alan Rice & Pat Edgeworth, Decaln Culle &Thoms O’Rourke, Tom McIntyre & Derek Yeates, Ian O’Shaughnessy & Mick O’Toole, Micahel Lysaght & James Mulligan