Frost Delay Procedure

Club policy in the event of frost,

·         With a white frost no golfer goes out until this completely clears

·         With  a black frost when the ground is completely frozen the course will be closed as this will take more than the day to clear


In the event of a frost delay the following procedure is to be followed

·         Green keeping staff  to call a frost delay at first light ,this will be followed by an inspection within an hour or longer, if there is a severe frost inspections will take place throughout  the morning until the frost has cleared

·         All communication will be through the pro shop ,golfers are not permitted to go out onto the course to check the frost themselves ,and they are not permitted to go to whatever tee box they are playing off that morning , (having golfers spread all over the course causes damages to the grass and also makes communication impossible for the proshop/GreenKeepers

·         During a period of very cold weather and frost has been around for a few days a call will be made by 11 o clock whether to open or close the course  

·         The driving range will be open for play off the matts ,the putting and chipping greens will remain “CLOSED” until the frost has cleared 

·         In the event of fog golf cannot be played  until the bunker on the right of the 10th can be seen from the tee box  ,and the 2nd green can be seen from the tee box/