Private Members Draw Results

As drawn at the Captain’s Prize Presentation Dinner.

Place   Name                  Prize                   Seller

1st    Trish Kavanagh       € 500                 Eoin Curley (€100)

2nd  John Curley            € 250                  Eoin Curley

3rd   Peter Pedersen      € 100                    Shemus Dore

4th   Greg Edwards        Hamper                Darren Ash

5th   Ronnie Carroll        Hamper                Eoin Curley

6th   Pat Hartigan           Hamper                Pat Hartigan

7th   Greg Edwards        Box Golf Balls       Darren Ash

8th   Padraig McCardle  Box Golf Balls       Eoin Curley

9th  Peter Sherwin         Wine                      Peter Sherwin

10th Norma Storey         Wine                     Derek Yeates

11th Cliff Anderson          Wine                    Les Broderick

12th Niamh Magee           Umbrella             Charlie Magee

13th Ciaran Curley           Umbrella             Eoin Curley

14th Pat McCartan           Umbrella             Kieron Ryan

Committee would like to thank all members, their families and friends who assisted and took part in this event.

Peter Pedersen

Hon. Secretary