Bunkers GUR Local Rule Update May 11th

Please note that until further notice the following bunkers have been declared GUR:

 Relief: Drop under Rule 25-1, one club length from the nearest point of relief not nearer to the hole.

Hole No. 8            The front greenside bunker

Hole No. 10:        2 Front Greenside bunkers

*(Note the Lefthand Greenside Pot bunker is in play from April 14)

Hole No. 12:        Bunker in front to the green

Hole No: 13:      Note:  2 x righthand side fairway bunkers now in play from April 14

Hole No: 14:      All bunkers now in play – April 27th

Hole No: 15:      All bunkers now in play

 Hole No. 16:        Right hand greenside bunker

                   ( Note Left-hand side bunker now open April 27th )

Hole No: 17                 All bunkers on 17 now in play  May 11.

Hole No. 18                   2 x greenside bunkers

By order :  Committee  ( Men’s & Ladies ) 11/05/2018