Bunkers GUR Local Rule Update April 14

Note revised lsit of Bunkers deemeed GUR from April 14

2018  Local Rule – Bunkers out of play.

Please note that until further notice the following bunkers have been declared GUR:

 Relief: Drop under Rule 25-1, one club length from the nearest point of relief not nearer to the hole.

Hole No. 8            The front greenside bunker

Hole No. 10:        2 Front Greenside bunkers

***(Note the Lefthand Greenside Pot bunker is in play from April 14)

Hole No. 12:        Bunker in front to the green

***Hole No: 13:    Note:  2 x righthand side fairway bunkers now in play from April 14

Hole No: 14:        Greenside rear bunker

                             Front right side bunker

                             ( note the left-hand greenside bunker remains in play)

Hole No: 15:        Left greenside bunker

Hole No. 16:        2 x greenside bunkers

Hole No: 17                   2 x greenside bunkers

Hole No. 18                   2 x greenside bunkers

By order :  Committee  ( Men’s & Ladies ) 14/04/2018

Winter Course Works Update

Please note Course Superintendant - Davd Brady has advised: 

I plan to start on the back 9 green side bunkers from this week , I will start removing all the old sand ,and check that the drainage is working , from today the back 9 greenside bunkers and the 8th  will be closed until further notice ,we will be working through these over the winter and all going well and weather dependant ,they will be back open in the spring

I also plan to core the greens with a 6mill hollow tine on the 27th of Nov ,I hope to do this once a month over the winter ,which will give them a great start to the season in the spring


Autumn Greens Maintenance & Winter Bunker Works

Please note that as the usual September Greens maintenance works will commence immediately after the Pro-am on Sept 22nd. Course Superintenant Dave Brady advises this will include some light hollow thinning (5 mm)  and scarification works.  Following on from the recent works completed on the greens colars we should see a return to smooth surfaces within a few weeks leading into winter. ( Weather depandant as usual at this time of the year).

The Bunker renavation programme will also recommence shortly with work on the back 9 in addition to completion of holes 6 & 8 greensdie bunkers scheduled to be completed by spring 2018.  All bunker removals have been completed and remaining work will concentrate on drainage and sand replacement.  All back nine bunkers are expected by the made GUR following the Gold Medal & Matchplay Finals on October 14.  Any works necessary beforehand will be individually marked GUR.


Fairway Sanding May 9th

Please note the sanding of Fairways is scheduled for May 9th. & as such there will be sand visible on the fairways for the week following this and grass will have to be left a little longer than normal, however will be cut on Monday/Tuesday 15th/16th. We can look forward to continued improvements in our fairways as a result.  Your assistance in regard to repairing divots holes as always is appreciated.  Also note Sand bins are available on Tees 1, 10, 11, 16.

Bunker Project Update

The bunkers will be back in play for the weekend (April 7th) and from now on

The 6bunkers that are G.U.R are

1 on the 2nd

1 on the 3rd

1 on the 4th

1 on the 9th

1 on the right hand side of the 10th green

1 on the 14th greenside

These bunkers will be completed over the coming weeks ,and back in play as soon as possibleany bunkers that have soil in them and are due to be closed /turfed are also out of play

David Brady


Tulfarris Hotel & Golf Resort

Bunker Programme Update

Head Greenkeeper Dave Brady -reports plan is to have front 9 bunker works (excepting 9th hole large bunker 50 yards from green) completed by June 2017 with progressive openings weather permitting during April & May.   Sand has been ordered for the near completed 1st hole greenside bunkers & others.  March weather has delayed progress a little, however work continues with priority following the completion of contractor works on closing numerous bunkers per the agreed plan.  

Work on priority back 9 bunkers in 14 & 16 will be prioritised also during 2017.

Remaining back 9 bunkers scheduled for 2018/19.