Birdie King Competition - 2018 sponsored by Sigma Wireless (Niall Robinson)

Current Year Tables: 

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Rules & Past Winners below:


Covering all our weekly singles competitions (Opens excluded) from April through October.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners of 3 separate Handicap Categories:

0-11 full and junior male members.

12-17 full and junior male members.

18 & over full and junior male members.

If a players Handicap changes to a different category the points total moves to the new category. However, handicaps for the purposes of this competition will freeze after the President's Prize.

Points will be calculated from Club System reports only. Disqualifications (DQ's) will not be eligible. Points will be awarded as follows:

Birdie 5 points

Eagle (on Par 4 or 5 holes) 10 points

Albatross or Hole in One 40 points

All points gained in GOY events will be doubled.

If the points are equal at the end of October the total number of 'GOY' birdies/eagles/albatross will be used as a tiebreaker.

The Committee's decisions on all matters relating to this competition will be deemed to be final.


Past "kings"

           Category 1               Category 2                  Category 3

           (H-Cap: 1-11)         (H-Cap 12-17)           (H-Cap 18+)

2017 M.Curran G.Cheung D.Garvey

2017  M.Curran                S.McGrath                  B.Walsh

2016   S.Cullen                  M.Deaton                   D.Yeates

2015   J.Field                     M.McGrath                R.Croft  

2014   S.Cullen                  A.Satelle                      E.Devoy